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Business Hours

Mon - Fri 9:00 am to 5:00 pm


Business and Investing

  • Registration Process as Multinational Company Headquarters [SEM]
  • Registration of Notices of Operation and Special Licenses
  • Preparation of employment contracts, work permits and visas
  • Insurance consulting and risk coverage
  • Guidance on Tax Incentives
  • Advice on acquisitions and commercial mergers

Corporate Governance

  • Creation and Administration of Public Limited Companies (PLC) in Panama and Miami Jurisdiction
  • Assistance in opening a bank account
  • Constitution of Panamanian Private Interest Foundations
  • Family assets planning and patrimonial protection
  • Structuring of Trusts and Investment Funds
  • Broker-Dealer & Securities Licensing Procedures
  • Advice and administrative investigation of regulated subjects

Real Estate Advice

  • Survey of Contracts and Public Deeds
  • Registry of Real Estate and pledge and mortgage guarantees
  • Procedures in registration and investigation of real estate
  • Consulting for Real Estate Appraisal Management


  • Investment risk analysis
  • Corporate Structuring
  • Tax advice on cryptocurrencies and creation and investment in ICOs
  • Advice on cryptocurrency mining activity

Tender Advice

As experts in the field of Procurement and Contracting, our purpose is to advise you and give you effective guidance so that your proposal is properly organized and meets all the requirements requested in the tender documents (TOR).

Our advice covers:

  • Tenders or Private Procurement Processes: Companies at the national and international level, in which the client requires advice for the participation of tenders and procurement of materials supply, construction, maintenance, services, and any other requirement.
  • Public Tenders: Public Procurement with the State represents a broader field of practice, as a result of the various contractor selection procedures, accompanied by the amounts of the same and which are regulated by Law 22 of 2006, amended.
  • Acquisitions: Participation of companies in the various catalogs, with which companies or state entities have. We advise companies for their participation in the Tenders for Framework Agreements, which are carried out by the governing entity that is the General Directorate of Public Procurement of the Republic of Panama.


  • Processing of Migratory Permits
  • Tourist Visa Application
  • Visa extension for tourists, temporary and domestic workers
  • Short stay visas for business, as Merchants and Investors
  • Multiple Visa Application
  • Naturalization
  • Temporary Residents due to employment contracts
  • Family reunification as a national and foreign married with Panamanian children

Administrative Procedures

  • Administrative Litigation Processes
  • Intellectual property
  • Tax Law and Fiscal Management
  • Exemptions, prescriptions and defense in Coercive Jurisdiction
  • Processes in the Tax Administrative Court
  • Health Register
  • Administrative Procedures
  • Horizontal Property Regime, evictions due to remodeling, demolition and personal use.
  • Procedures in registration and investigation of real estate
  • Registry of Real Estate and pledge and mortgage guarantees

Contracts, Succession and Civil Litigation

  • Complex Civil Litigation
  • Precautionary measures in civil and commercial proceedings
  • Family Property and Hereditary Legal Succession
  • Executive Processes and Embargoes Practice
  • Leasing and Lanlord-tenant law
  • Agrarian processes and processing before the National Land Authority [ANATI]
  • Agreement and Legally Binding Contracts
  • Registry of Real Estate and pledge and mortgage guarantees

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